Mstandforc|Capturing Hong Kong's beautiful scenary with paintbrush

In the midst of constantly looking down at our phones and being caught up in busy work, have you ever taken a moment to pause and appreciate the beauty around you? Through watercolor and ink creations, Mandy aims to capture heartwarming scenes, using brushes to document the wonderful landscapes from around the world. These artworks serve as warm blessings to those around us.

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Mandy Chan is a left-handed calligrapher and illustrator from Hong Kong who loves to create artworks, specialized in watercolor illustration and calligraphy. She founded a brand called Mstandforc in 2014 to provides different kinds of calligraphy and watercolor services. In 2019 and 2020, she was invited to exhibit her personal watercolor landscape artworks titled "The Tiny Landscape" and "3cm The Tiny Landscape" at Joint Publishing and Eslite Bookstore in Hong Kong, respectively and these miniature paintings capture travel stories. Additionally, she held a solo exhibition "Water Town" in 2020, focusing on the theme of global warming. In 2021, she had another solo exhibition called "The Tiny Landscape Museum" at Mini Hotel Central. In 2023, she held her first overseas solo exhibition "The Tiny Landscape" in Taiwan. Her works have also been exhibited in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Shanghai.

Her artworks mainly revolve around landscapes encountered during her travels or the beauty of Hong Kong. She captures the exquisite scenery from around the world with her brush. Through watercolor and ink creations, she presents heartwarming pieces that send warm blessings.

Through collaboration with FASE, she hopes to share the message "Hong Kong is truly beautiful!" by depicting the stunning landscapes of Hong Kong. She wants to provide an opportunity for people to relax and enjoy the natural scenery of Hong Kong during holidays.

"Live lives to the fullest." - Mandy Chan, Hong Kong Western Calligrapher