FASE - Customised Local Mobile Phone Accessory Brand

We all have a different story to tell! Yours might be a quiet and simple story, while others prefer excitement and adventure. We’re all unique, and everyone has different sides. For example, we can have a positive persona, a quirky character and even a rebellious streak! And we all present different sides of ourselves at different times. So, what is your side? FASE is a new brand offering a creative platform where talented local artists and designers can transform their works into high-quality customised mobile phone accessories. Let FASE help you express yourself so you can FACE IT YOUR WAY!

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Embrace Local Cultural Elements, Committed to Preserving and Promoting Traditional Local Culture.

Offer customized phone cases at affordable prices, allowing you to create a design that truly reflects your individuality  

Actively engaged in collaborating with local designers. We firmly believe that every designer deserves a platform to showcase their work to the world.

Become your own "designer" and create unique personalized phone cases.

Why FASE Phone Case?

FASE phone cases offer you a unique and reassuring choice.

100+ Exclusive Designs

FASE presents two major design series, namely the Original Series and Collaboration Series, featuring a total of 100+ exclusive designs. These designs offer a variety of different looks for your phone.

Design Your Case

FASE offers customizable design options that allow you to add your own personalized text and artwork (coming soon) to the phone case, creating a design that is uniquely yours.  

12 Months Warranty Service

Every FASE phone case product comes with a 12-month warranty service. If any covered issues arise with the purchased phone case within the warranty period, we provide a one-time replacement service to ensure your peace of mind.

Made from Recycled Material

FASE is committed to "sustainability" as one of our key operating principles. Our designated phone cases are made using a minimum of 50% recycled materials in the production process. We aim to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet.