本地藝術家 X FASE系列

SYE|Transform Paintings into Art that Everyone can Touch

By painting different Hong Kong scenery, hope to spread the beauty of Hong Kong to all over the world, and transform the paintings into art that everyone can touch.
本地藝術家 X FASE系列

Mstandforc|Capturing Hong Kong's beautiful scenary with paintbrush

In the midst of constantly looking down at our phones and being caught up in busy work, have you ever taken a moment to pause and appreciate the beauty around you? Through watercolor and ink...
Jan Kwok|將暗黑紋身藝術活現眼前
本地藝術家 X FASE系列

Jan Kwok|Making dark tattoo art come alive

Jan has always been dedicated to alternative creations and believe that tattoos are highly personalized. Each client can have their own unique tattoo, and he strives to design one-of-a-kind artwork...
本地藝術家 X FASE系列

Indigo 11.50 | The Spirit of Hong Kong's New Generation Indigo Dyeing

As a representative brand of indigo dyeing in Hong Kong, "Indigo 11.50" signifies the meticulous crafting of indigo-colored pieces, reflecting the essence of "handcrafted blue production."&n...
Uncle 852|地道繁體塗鴉推廣香港街頭文化
本地藝術家 X FASE系列

Uncle 852 | Traditional Chinese graffiti in Hong Kong

Specializing in the study of Traditional Chinese calligraphy-inspired graffiti, Uncle's aim is to infuse Western culture with fresh elements that reflect the unique characteristics of Hong K...
Fleur Doux|用甜蜜的花在枯燥生活中獻上一點甜
本地藝術家 X FASE系列

Fleur Doux|A touch of sweetness in a mundane life with flowers

Fleur Doux is a brand dedicated to the artistic creation of pressed flower home decor. Using flowers as a medium, we strive to integrate art into everyday life and showcase the enchanting beauty of...
本地藝術家 X FASE系列

Momography | Blending Traditional and Contemporary Chinese calligraphy painting

Throughout Katrina's journey of learning Chinese calligraphy and painting, she has discovered the beauty of tradition, the wisdom of ancient people's lives, and the complete i...