Any new member offer?

By registering as a member, you can enter "NEW30" when checkout to enjoy $30 discount.

How to I get the new member offer?

How to I get member point?

Will member point be expired?

When will I receive the point after completing the order?

What if I cannot receive the member point after receiving the order?

How do I check my point balance?

How do I use the member point?

What if I forget to use the promo code?

Does FASE have birthday offer?

Does FASE have member tier?

What shipping method does FASE provide?

FASE provides two shipping methods: home delivery or self-pickup.

How to enjoy free shipping?

When is the delivery time?

Delivery service is available to what addresses?

Which remote areas will incur additional delivery charges?

What pickup points are available for pickup?

Is it possible to choose a specific delivery time?

How many days does it take for delivery after placing an order?


What should I do if I provide wrong information after placing an order?

Will there be a notification before the order is delivered? 

Can someone collect the order for me? 

What if I cannot receive the order in designated time period?

How to track order? 

Does the shipping coverage include overseas?

Can I enjoy a refund guarantee and warranty when shopping at FASE? 

All FASE phone case products come with a 10 Day Moneyback Guarantee and a 12 months warranty, providing you with comprehensive protection.  

The 10 Day Moneyback Guarantee starts from the day of purchase. 

When does the 12-month warranty period start from? 

Can all phone cases be returned or exchanged? 

How to apply for an exchange?

Can I exchange if I place wrong order?

If you discover an error in the quantity of the product, how should it be handled? 

If there is a deficiency in the packaging of the goods, can they still be replaced or refunded? 

Do the free gift with the goods need to be returned as well? 

Do I need to send the phone case in person for return? 

Is it possible to exchange for a different model or design of phone case? 

In what situation will there be a refund? 

How long does it take the refund? 

Which payment methods does FASE accept? 

FASE accepts payments through Visa, MasterCard, American Express, UnionPay, BoC Pay, AliPay HK, WeChat Pay & PayMe. The value of all products is calculated in Hong Kong dollars.  

How many promo code can be used in each transaction? 

How many gift card can be used in each transaction? 

Can promo code and gift card be used at the same time? 

Does using a promo code for payment result in earning member points? 

What measure does FASE take for payment safety? 

Why the transaction will be failed? 

What if I cannot receive the credit card verification code? 

What should I do if I forgot to use a promo code/digital key after making the payment? 

How do I if I have made the order successfully? 

How to check the order status?

After completing the checkout process, you will receive an email notification for the following order status updates:

- Order Received: Your order is received by FASE and under review

- Order Confirmed & Shipped: Your order has been confirmed and shipped by FASE. You can track the order by tracking code.

- Order Complete: You can download the digital receipt

Why my order will be cancel?

Why I cannot receive FASE email? 

How to download order receipt?