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ADAM is a social enterprise established by The Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong (ADAHK) and a platform for Artists with Disabilities to exhibit their gifts and talents to the public and strive ahead for professional art development in their life. This platform is also constructed for leading collaboration partners to support artists in creativity and wellness, and achieve social inclusion. ADAM are always ready to walk along their Professional Art Creation Journey to fabricate and spark their dreams ! Archieving "Social Inclusion and Art Everyday"  

ADAM Art Collection by Artists with Disabilities

Apple Tong  

She has been fond of painting since she was a child. Through painting, she expresses the rainbow in her heart. She lends her ears to the paintbrush, which becomes a unique channel for communication with the outside world. Her works are diverse and emotional. There is a rising sun in her paintings, such as a long-eared bunny that often appears in her paintings, which represents her yearning to receive information from the outside world. In her silent world, everything is true, good, and beautiful. Together, we can feel the words in her paintings with our hearts.  

Chou Chiu Ming 

He began painting at the age of six and is good at using pastel tones to paint realistic scenes. In recent years, he has also studied printmaking, sculpture and mixed media creation. His works were shortlisted for ""Cross All Borders: Hong Kong Festival Showcasing New Performing Artists with Disabilities 2012"". In the same year, he received funding from ""Dr. Marion Fang Arts with the Disabled Memorial Fund"", and he actively continues to learn and develop in art.  

Alvin Li 

His paintings take Hong Kong's characteristic scenic spots and local culture as the themes. With rich colors and dynamic shapes, the paintings can definitely show the unique beauty of Hong Kong. When he was a child, he met a caring painting teacher by chance and discovered his potential in painting, which brought a new model to learning and opened a new page in life.  

Jack Li

He started studying photography in 2006 and is good at landscape and surreal creation. Over the years, he has won numerous awards in local and international photography competitions. In recent years, he has continued to explore the surreal photography style and returned to nature to create works that reflect his inner world. Jack loves photography, actively participates in social services and uses his expertise to give back to the society. By sharing photography, we encourage young people to develop a positive outlook on life. We hope to encourage more hearing-impaired people to learn photography and appreciate the world through artistic creation.  

Jessica Chiu

She loves painting and sand painting. Her works have bright and strong colors and a unique style. She started to get into sand painting in 2010 and is now a full-time sand painter and art instructor. Azhi's sand painting creations combine music and video elements to vividly present scenes of light and shadow stories through real-time projection. His two-dimensional paintings are mostly plastic and watercolor paintings, with an eclectic style, light and varied styles and bright colors.

Frank Wong

Frank used chalk graffiti as his playmate when he was young. He has been deeply interested in artistic creation since he was a child, which further cultivated Frank 's interest in painting. After graduation, he taught himself painting, learning from art books, and dabbled in a wider range of media, including oil painting, watercolor painting, sketching, Chinese painting and comics. His works are diverse and he is willing to use different materials and tools to create.

Wendy Wong

She loves painting since she was a child, and is good at oil painting and plastic paint. Her painting scores were very low when she was a child, and she failed the painting exam. But when she came into contact with oil painting, she was immediately inspired. Persistence brought her many awards and exhibition opportunities, and she was finally able to create her own field.

Lee Sai Ho

He has been passionate about painting since he was a child. At the age of three, he already knew how to draw before he could write. Since 2007, he has actively participated in local and overseas painting competitions and won many awards. After graduation, he devoted himself to promoting sand painting and painting art for people with intellectual disabilities and autism. He has been invited by many organizations in Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou to perform sand painting performances and has rich experience. Now he is a special sand painting instructor and sand painting performer.

Stanley Lo

He loves photography and is good at documentary photography. Over the past 20 years, he has been studying hard, and under the inspiration of his mentor Mr. Au Yang, his shooting skills have become more mature, from film to digital photography, and photography has gradually become a part of his life. Through the lens, we capture all kinds of social situations, record different people's living conditions, and express every real bit of various cultural and current events from the records of photos. He hopes that by photographing natural scenes, he can show their beauty and remind everyone to cherish and care for nature.  

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