Usage Steps

A few steps to purchase in FASE!

Member Benefits

1. Get the Digital Key

Upon selecting and purchasing the model and style of the phone case from the Fortress eShop, you will receive an electronic code via your account email once the order is confirmed.

2. Purchase Phone Case

Register as FASE member, then choose the print design you want, then select the applicable phone model.

3. Apply Digital Key at Checkout

Apply 16-digit digital key at checkout to redeem selected phone case type.

Terms & Conditions

- Digital key only eligible to selected products in FASE eShop.
- When your order is confirmed, digital code will be sent to you via your FTR eShop account email.
- The valid date of the digital key is 3 months upon the distribution date. The digital key will be automatically forfeited after the expiry date without further notice.
- Customer must keep the 16-digit digital key in a secure place. FASE is not responsible or liable for any losses if the digital key is lost, damaged or stolen. Replacement of the digital key will be subject to FASE’s sole discretion in case of digital key malfunction which is not caused by customer and the replacement request must be made on or before the card expiry date for cancellation.

- Digital key cannot be returned, refunded and redeemed/exchanged for cash.
- When purchasing the digital key, customer will earn the Fortress eShop MoneyBack points and iCoin (if applicable). When customer use the digital key in FASE eShop, no member points will be issued.
- Digital key cannot be used with other FASE eShop discount code.
- Each digital key can only be used for once.

- Digital key must be used at checkout and cannot be used after order has been placed.
- Any return or exchange of goods redeemed by this digital key will be subject to FASE’s Refund and Exchange Policy.
- Any goods redeemed by this digital key will be subject to FASE’s terms and conditions for purchase.
- Fortress and FASE reserves the rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. FASE reserves all rights for final decisions.