Fleur Doux|用甜蜜的花在枯燥生活中獻上一點甜

Fleur Doux|A touch of sweetness in a mundane life with flowers

Fleur Doux is a brand dedicated to the artistic creation of pressed flower home decor. Using flowers as a medium, we strive to integrate art into everyday life and showcase the enchanting beauty of flowers. With the sweet essence of flowers, they aim to add a touch of sweetness to mundane life and bring forth positive vibes and good moods.

Kanley Kwan has been passionate about painting and various art forms since childhood. He majored in Chinese gongbi flower-and-bird painting at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. In 2016, she began using flowers as a medium for artistic creation and developed the brand "Fleur Doux", specializing in producing pressed flower craftsmanship. The brand is dedicated to integrating art into everyday life and showcasing the beauty of flowers.

Her creative philosophy revolves around creating unique gifts for loved ones, echoing the brand's name, which means "Using sweet flowers to add a touch of sweetness to mundane life and bring joy." The composition of her pressed flower designs incorporates the concept of empty spaces from Chinese painting, creating a beautiful sense of space and rhythm through gathering and dispersing elements. The color combinations are inspired by nature and personal experiences.

Through collaboration with FASE, Kanley Kwan looks forward to the journey towards the future, where different periods and encounters will present different landscapes. She hopes that we can stay true to ourselves and enjoy our journey without regrets when facing any challenges.

"Believe what you believe. Be you. Struggling for it." - Kanley Kwan, Founder of "Fleur Doux"