Uncle 852|地道繁體塗鴉推廣香港街頭文化

Uncle 852 | Traditional Chinese graffiti in Hong Kong

Specializing in the study of Traditional Chinese calligraphy-inspired graffiti, Uncle's aim is to infuse Western culture with fresh elements that reflect the unique characteristics of Hong Kong. Graffiti becomes the style, while authentic local culture becomes the substance, as he uses street art to showcase the essence of Hong Kong.

Uncle, a Hong Kong graffiti artist, specializes in calligraphy-style graffiti using Traditional Chinese characters. He aims to infuse Western culture with fresh elements unique to the local scene and create graffiti that embodies the characteristics of Hong Kong. Originally, graffiti referred to street calligraphy, with a focus on writing names and secondary emphasis on images. He wanted to find a new direction for himself by exploring foreign cultures rather than constantly following others. While seeking design inspiration, he discovered that the use of traditional Chinese characters in Hong Kong is a distinct cultural aspect. Particularly, some internet slang has become an authentic part of Hong Kong culture.

Through collaboration with FASE, he hopes to introduce Hong Kong through Graffiti. Graffiti is the style, and local culture is the content. Graffiti is engaging street art that captures attention, and through these works, Uncle aims to attract people to understand the unique culture of Hong Kong. Additionally, he also hopes to promote street art culture and explore the relationship between art creation and the community.

"Just do it, there will always be a way." - Uncle, Hong Kong Graffiti Artiste