Jan Kwok|將暗黑紋身藝術活現眼前

Jan Kwok|Making dark tattoo art come alive

Jan has always been dedicated to alternative creations and believe that tattoos are highly personalized. Each client can have their own unique tattoo, and he strives to design one-of-a-kind artworks for each individual. I aim to bring forth alternative and non-mainstream dark art that incorporates elements of heavy metal, rebellion, surrealism, and personalization. These artworks come to life, capturing the imagination.

JAN KWOK - A Hong Kong tattoo artist with 18 years of experience, specializes in creating a non-mainstream dark art style using ink and realistic sketching techniques. He has always been committed to alternative creations, believing that tattoos are highly personalized, and everyone can have their own unique tattoo.

His design inspirations come from music, painting, art exhibitions, museums, UFOs, calligraphy, books, movies, photography, sculptures, graffiti, and the internet, etc. These are all sources of inspiration in daily life! JAN's philosophy is to bring non-mainstream dark art, incorporating elements of heavy metal, rebellion, surrealism, and personalization to life.

He hopes to expand his creative endeavors beyond tattoo design, including graphic design, installation art, toy design, T-shirt design, watch and basketball design, with a predominant focus on the dark art style.

Through the collaboration with FASE, JAN aims to introduce more people to local alternative creations and lead the trend of art with distinctive products. Starting with mobile phone cases, he hopes to bring non-mainstream art into different realms and spaces.

"In darkness, we find truth; in brightness, we see darkness." - Jan Kwok, Tattoo Artist from Hong Kong